Epoxy Resin
Training Seminars

Epoxy Resin
Training Seminars


Training in a wide
range of epoxy resin flooring products
and exterior overlays.

Become a supplier and installer of a wide range of epoxy resin flooring products and outdoor concrete overlays.

  • 2 Day Course
  • Full technical support
  • Training in epoxy resin seamless flooring & concrete overlays
  • Become a trained & approved installer of our market leading seamless product
  • Lunch included

We take our concrete flooring trainings and certifications very serious and in return, we want attendees to take them serious too.


Become Apart
Of Our Team

This isn’t about us putting on a “demonstration” where someone less experienced than you is just going through the motions or reading out of a book. At the same time, this isn’t where someone more experienced than you creates a frivolous piece of unsellable, complicated beauty. Training and certification from Elite Crete Systems will teach you real-world applications, finishes and techniques that make and save you money.